About us

We are glad to get acquainted with you!

We are Mariya and Victoria, your certified guides. We’ve been professionally working as Kyiv guides since 2015. The word “work” however is not accurate for us as tour guides, because we feel a passion for what we do, so for us to guide you is fun and not work. This saying is also about us:

We love our city, we like to contemplate how it grows and develops, changes and becomes more cozy and beautiful.
We also enjoy not only being your experienced guides in Kyiv, but also sharing our knowledge, and providing you with delightful and happy moments during your stay in Ukraine.

We started this work as a hobby and it has become our passion to guide you in Kyiv. It is an honor and a joy for us to show you our city. We do our best to make our tours fascinating and unique. We give these tours to you with our heart and soul.



Our Partners


Do you want to discover Paris, the little stories around the great History, the Art and the art of seeing it, the famous monuments or museums but also the little romantic corners or the good restaurants?

Then contact our local partner: LOVE MY PARIS
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And discover all the visits of this guide team: https://lovemyparis.com/visites-guiding-tours/
Know that they can adapt their tours to your needs and desires.

They are members of the ATD: association of sustainable tourism, because the preservation of our planet if we want to be able to enjoy it, is played at all levels

You can write to them on lovemyparis.contact@gmail.com

Enjoy your visit and in the meantime take care of yourself