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General Car Tour

Let me take you on an interesting trip by car around our lovely city. Traveling by car will allow us to see more, be more relaxed and to have more energy for evening of activities. We’ll tailor a tour specifically for your interests. You’ll be able to pick two of our tours and combine them into one tour

Must-see of the city

Let’s start our acquaintance with the historical tour around the city center, which covers top must-see places of our city. During this Kyiv walking tour you’ll see: Golden Gates – the central entrance to the old glorious city of the 11-th century. St. Sophia’s Cathedral, a part of UNESCO World Heritage, which is famous for


How to define baroque, gothic style, art-nouveau or empire? Do you think it’s too difficult or boring? Not at all! It’s exciting and funny. By learning Kyivan architectural styles, you’ll find it interesting and easy to understand architecture in any other city. On our way you’ll see the most beautiful or whimsical private houses, built

Admire frescoes and mosaics of st. Sophia’s cathedral

A tour inside st.Sophia’s Cathedral will acquaint you with marvelous frescoes and mosaics of the 11-th c, the unique example of Byzantium art of the first half of the 11-th c. The most famous tesserae is dedicated to the Holy Virgin and is huge in size. The wall, where she was depicted, has the informal

Strolling along 4 Kyivan parks

If you are tired of hustle and bustle of the city, want to slow down and refresh your thoughts, there’s no need to leave the city, just head to most beautiful Kyivan parks! However accompanied by a guide, you’ll not miss many interesting and awesome sights during your stroll. You’ll explore some Kyivan lucky places,

Discover the lower neighborhood. It’s historical district Podol

During the tour we’re going to see Podol, a picturesque and historical area. Particularly, we’ll explore 4 churches dedicated to st.Nickolas (patron of businessmen, travellers and innocent people), the Contract’s square (once a very famous trading area with former Contract house, Hospitable yard and trading monastery). Besides, you’ll see the oldest highest educational institution and

Half-day in Mezhihirie, the residence of ex-president

Mezhihirie has hit the spot as museum of corruption after the notorious ex-president of Ukraine V.Yanukovich fled to Russia in 2014. The territory of Mezhihirie is full of surprises for ordinary people, who can only guess how presidents live. You will enjoy beautiful landscapes, lakes, huge embankment of the Dnieper, landscape park with the statues

The oldest Ukrainian monastery and 13 saints

We’ll explore the UNESCO World heritage venue – the orthodox monastery – Kyiv Pechersk Lavra. We’re to stroll around the territory, visit st. Dormition cathedral, the example of Ukrainian baroque style, the Refectory church with its marvelous paintings and museum of microminiature, which was recognized #1 in Kiev by Tripadvisor several years ago. Besides, we’ll

Happiness tour

Have you ever thought about your happiness level? Are you happy just now or is your life happy in general? Yet 2300 years ago a famous philosopher Aristotle told: “more than anything a human wants to be happy”. Happiness is still he most demanded wish of people. During fascinating tour we’ll be searching for happiness

11 wishes in Kyiv: dream and act

Choose this tour if you believe that wishes come true. There are plenty of places in Kyiv which proved that they can realize your wish. Particularly, 11 on our way! During the tour you’ll also learn why some your wishes still did not come true and hear dozens of tips which will help you to