Happiness tour

Have you ever thought about your happiness level?

Are you happy just now or is your life happy in general? Yet 2300 years ago a famous philosopher Aristotle told: “more than anything a human wants to be happy”. Happiness is still he most demanded wish of people. During fascinating tour we’ll be searching for happiness in the streets and houses of Kyiv. Promise, we’ll find all the tips and secrets how to make ourselves happy.

What are the main elements of happiness? What is “Jewish happiness”, “Georgian happiness”, “Finnish happiness”, “Danish Happiness”and “Japanese one”? What are the main tendencies in the modern world to be happy? Apart from discussion you’ll see a lot of Kyiv sights and favorite places of locals. We finish tour with cheese tasting. Promise, we’ll find many tips and secrets how to make ourselves happy and be really happy in the end of tour.

On our way we’ll see museums, churches, universities, libraries, shops and restaurants, but all of them will help us to become happier!

Duration: 3 hours

Charges: $115 for a group up to 12 persons

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