Admire frescoes and mosaics of st. Sophia’s cathedral

A tour inside st.Sophia’s Cathedral will acquaint you with marvelous frescoes and mosaics of the 11-th c, the unique example of Byzantium art of the first half of the 11-th c.

The most famous tesserae is dedicated to the Holy Virgin and is huge in size. The wall, where she was depicted, has the informal name “Indestructible wall”, as it has never been destroyed since the 11-th c. The saying says: “as long as “the Indestructible wall is in St.Sophia’s, as long Kyiv will be on the map of the world”. We’ll also see a marble sarcophagus where Kyivan prince Yaroslav the Wise was buried and 11-th c. graffitis. This is a tour for those who are keen on ancient art.

This tour can be added with “must-see places” tour.

Duration: 1,5-2 hours

Charges: walking tour $50 (45 euro) entrance tickets (4$ per person) are not included

Meeting place: near st. Sophia’s Cathedral

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